I have been working as a joiner for over 25 years and have been running my own company Qualitygates.co.uk for 12 years,but my true passion is traditional woodworking skills.

Green wood is wood that has been recently cut and therefore has not had an opportunity to season (dry), working with green wood is considerably easier as timber becomes much harder as it seasons.

I  have enjoyed working with green wood for a number of years  and find it very therapeutic and relaxing.I would like to introduce more people to this traditional method of working and i'm sure all ages and walks of life would enjoy it

The traditional pole lathe is used to turn green,fresh wood by using peddle power only.

Without the use of machinery you are in full control off the lathe,making it a very safe way of turning wood.

The shave horse is also a very safe way of shaping wood,by using a draw knife or spoke shave the timber can be clamped into place by your legs allowing both hands to do the work 

-  Example of a garden dibber on the lathe