Some ideas of what you can make

Beginners projects;

  • Stakes and tent pegs
  • Spatulas and butter knifes
  • Forks for pickles, olives and chips
  • Simple spoon for cereals, ice cream,porragde and yogurt
  • Handles for garden tools ( spades shovels, brushes, rakes )
  • Handles for hand tools ( hammers, axes, etc )
  • Wooden mallets
  • Walking sticks
  • Gypsy roses
  • Door wedges (small wedges for tool handles and stool legs)
  • Children's play swords, daggers and wands
  • Rustic animals (dogs, reindeer's, etc)
  • Coat hangers, hooks and clothes pegs
  • Besom broom

More advanced projects;

Stool and chair legs

  • Rustic furniture
  • Picture frames and mirrors
  • Gates, fencing and trellis
  • Archery bows and arrows
  • Trug baskets, yurts and coracle